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Gotland Combed Top

Gotland Combed Top

Excluding Sales Tax

2 oz Mini braids of Gotland Combed Top

This is a new Base I am trialing. Gotland fleece structure is curly and this would be a medium Coarse fiber. Great for beginner spinners! Due to the structure of the locks Gotland tends to create a yarn with excellent drape and a tiny bit of sheen. This would be wonderful by itself or blended with something a little softer for more comfortable next to skin wear.

I personally like to blend curly long wools with softer wool for a great sock yarn without Nylon

Hand Dyed in Small batches on our Farm, This means occasionally there are minor differences in colorways among the same dye lot. Rarely are my dyed items fully saturated or more solid in color. I prefer to create colorways that play with light, perception and are truly unique each dye lot. If you would like a large amount of a specific colorway it is best to request a custom dye lot. There are no additional fees for this but wait time averages 2-4 weeks depending on time of year.

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