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Four Heart’s Farm was established in May of 2016.  In August 2016 we bought a few goat’s because well,  who doesn’t like goats?   Little did we know at the time that our adventure to have a few goat's as pets and to make goat’s milk soap for fun would turn into a licensed dairy in the summer of 2018.   A dairy that made us expand our name to “Four Heart’s Farm Udderly Delicious Creamery”!

               Currently our herd consists of ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarfs.  While we do not participate in showing our goats, we do participate in Linear Appraisal and DHIR Production Milk Testing.  We strive to breed for outstanding conformation, milking ability and production.  

In 2020 we have begun to offer hand made fiber goods.  This includes hand spun yarn,  prepared fiber for spinning in the form of roving, rolags, batts and a variety of different locks.  We are offering small batch dyed fiber and yarns.  We attempt to purchase all fiber as local as possible.  Some items that will be processed dyed here at our farm are purchased from other small farms throughout the United States who only have humane practices.  We plan on offering a variety of fiber classes in our new shop starting Fall 2020.  

Covid-19 has negatively effected many farmers and small businesses nationwide. However, it has also brought us together as a farming community.   We hope to offer outlets for other farmers through our shop in the coming year and for many years to come.


             We have had our challenges but have also had huge successes thanks to our growing customer base.   Without you the consumer we would be nothing.   Thank-you from the bottom of our “Four Hearts”. 


Heat treated Goat Milk, Cultures, Salt 

Our plain Chevre is just that plain.  It contains nothing more than Goat milk, Cultures, Salt.  We then add fruit, vegetables, seasonings and other toppings to create vibrant flavors. 

Bacon and Jalapeno CHevre

"Cheese - Milk's Leap towards Immortality"

-Clifton Paul Fadiman-

Goat Milk Fudge

Offered year round

Goat milk fudge is our guilty pleasure!   Slightly different then how Grammy use to make it (don't tell her!).  This fudge melts in your mouth.  Our flavors vary but we can accomadate orders with a few days notice.


Contrary to popular belief fudge isn't just for the winter holidays!  Toss a container in the freezer for a sweet chilly treat on a hot summer day! 

Goat Milk Soap

Visit our online store to see current offerings.  All soaps are made with goat milk from our herd.  No pre-made bases or powdered milk are used.   

We hope you enjoy our ever growing selection of felted soaps. 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Please refer to the Doe, Buck and Kidding schedule pages to review pedigrees.

Contact Us

TEL: (207) 459-6607

13 Bradburn Road Waterboro, ME 04087

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