April Showers Bring May Flowers

It is spring time in Maine, FINALLY! The birds are filling our birdhouses and eating little buggies out of the gardens. The peepers are singing their songs in the brook every night and the new orchard and garden are officially under construction!

This year with all the changes we have made its been hard to discover our new normal on the farm. It is definitely a season of change, and sometimes change is difficult. We will say goodbye to the last of our goats in about three weeks. Many goats have settled into their new homes, gave birth to beautiful kids with many having multiples and doelings.

We started hatching out chicks this year and have plenty available currently. We anticipate our first duck hatch this weekend! Our flock will help control the bug population while also providing us with plenty of delicious eggs!

We received our Fedco Fruit tree order and now have plenty of Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, Peaches, Cherries, Apples, Elderberries, grapes and pears. While our harvest this year will be small we are excited to see all the delicious fruit over the next couple years.

I’ve been working on a cut flower garden very lightly the past couple years and it is slowly getting to where I want it. It will be limited but I do hope to share some of throughout this year.

Our seedlings are taking off, and truth be told this year I feel like I’ve started to be a successful gardener! Knock on wood! I usually struggle with leggy plants and never keeping up with transplanting them on time, however I’ve used the creamery as our seed starting area and I think it is the perfect place its climate controlled, easy to keep things watered, no pets to munch or flip over my seedling trays and there is plenty of room to transplant some every few days as they grow.

Next up is finishing getting the veggie garden ready to plant the seedlings and getting the rest of the field fencing up to protect the plants we have.

We have our first in person Fiber Festival coming up May 14th and 15th at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival in Deerfield NH. I’ll be camping out for the weekend and I’m excited to make this a fiber getaway! It’s our first time at the festival so if you are going make sure to stop in and say hi!

This year is all about taking things as they come. About enjoying what we do as much as possible and making time for us to reconnect as a family. Farm life can always seem like you are rushing to the the next item on the “to-do” list. The projects are never ending and it is so easy to fall into the thought that all of that list has to be completed before taking some personal time for hobbies or just some R & R. Life is all about balance and its time we switch our focus to finding that balance.

We will be participating in fairs and festivals this year and in between those events we will be at the Kennebunk Farmers Market. I hope to see you out and about this year!

Be well!

The Four Hearts Farm Family

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