2021 Here we Come!

Kidding season is in full swing and that means production of our creamery items is just around the corner! We are gearing up for market season while planning our season grand opening of our farm store.

This year we are excited to offer all of our favorites and work on getting more off our plot of land here in Waterboro. We got our small starter greenhouse put together and on our back deck. Those that are local its worth it, only $53 at Ocean State Job lots and I was surprised there is quite a bit of room in this little green house.

This weekend will be spent starting our favorite flowers, and getting a bunch of herbs started to offer as seedlings at the farm stand in the spring. The snow is starting to melt, the birds are returning and it was almost 60 degrees today! We are so close to the renewal of spring!

Our fiber studio is working towards new offerings every day. It is my hope by summer to have all our fiber sourced from the United States. We only have a couple more items to go till we reach that goal. Our Fleeces and minimally processed items such as locks are all hand processed individually with an emphasis on cleanliness, structure and durability.

In January we started our 2021 Breed Study allowing budding and long time fiber enthusiasts to try out new fibers and learn the basics of fiber preparation and processing. It has been exciting to search for new and interesting fleeces that support this program. I am having so much fun researching and learning. If we were back to "normal" we would have so many opportunities to speak to shepards and shepardesses about their flocks and their breeds. For now we are doing all we can to learn from people we find virtually. We joined the Wool and Fiber Arts Group last year and now have participated in 3 virtual shows with a 4th happening at the end of the month. It is a wonderful community where I have learned and grown so much as a fiber artist. It has also blessed us with many connections we have created with many farms across the United States, and our neighbors to the north in Canada. My personal goal is a natural dye garden this spring. Dyeing has become a passion and I feel like Emerill Legasse in the dye kitchen, Bam, BAM, bam and suddenly a beautiful work of art emerges!

I'm aiming for a monthly update and blog post now that we are getting back in the swing of things!

Thanks for following us and see you soon!


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