Does are registered with ADGA.  Unless otherwise noted


SG Creeping Thyme Farm Aphrodite 3*M

DOB:  2/24/2017

LA 2019  V+V+ 85

Dam: Creeping Thyme Farm Blk Betty

Sire:  Jack of Spades

Dams Dam:  SG AGS NC Promisedland MG Diva 1*M 91 VEEE


This doe is my herd favorite, Aphrodite made the Elite Doe List for 2019 ranking her in the top 5% of Nigerian Dwarfs across the nation based on production testing.  with her well known genetics to back her up she is a fabulous mother, milker and takes on younger kids frequently. 

She kidded easily with a single doeling in 2019, we retained her and will be breeding her in February 2020

 SG Creeping Thyme Farm Athena 1*M

DOB:  3/15/2017

LA 2019 ++++ 83

Dam:  Old Mountain Farm DramasDelite

Sire:  Jack of Spades


She is my second favorite,  Athena Aphrodite made the Elite Doe List for 2019 ranking her in the top 5% of Nigerian Dwarfs across the nation based on production testing.

She kidded easily with triplet does in 2019. Two of which are retained and will be bred in February 2020

Denbow Acres Farm Freya 1*M

DOB:  6/10/2016

LA 2019 +A+A 81

Dam: AGS YK Acres Kyla

Sire:  Tiny Angels OH Light ‘EM up 81+++


Freya will be a fourth freshener in the spring of 2020

Feathernscale Plain Jane 4*M

DOB:  4/20/2016

LA 2019  ++++ 82

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Jubilee 3*M LA 86 VEE+

Sire:  Tiny Angels CK Two Faced

Dams' Dam:   Old Mountain Farm Ta-Dah! 2*M  LA 90 VEVE


We purchased this doe in milk from FeatherNScale Farm in 2019.   She has been a great addition to our herd and we look forward to what she will bring us in the spring.

Her production paperwork is wrapping up and once her daughter from 2019 is registered we are hoping she will receive her SG designation as well.  

Painted Pepper JS Blaze 3*M 

DOB:  3/15/2017


Dam: Painted Pepper PS Dahlia 2*M V+VV

Sire:  Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart ++*B 86 V+V

Painted Pepper PZ Dawn 

DOB:  2/23/2019

Dam: SG Painted Pepper PS Guinevere 3*M 86 VVEV

Sire:  Painted Pepper JS Pizzazz +B 83 +++

Painted Pepper JS Hopscotch 3*M

DOB:  3/28/2014

LA 85 ++VV

Dam: SG Painted Pepper LVB Percilina 2*M 91 EEEE

Sire:  Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart ++*B 86 V+V

Ole' Humble Acres Bellona

DOB:  2/28/2018

Dam:  Dawnland RR Little Bee

Sire:  CH AGS Tiny Angels A Rustler  90 VEE

Bending Birch Farm Batia

DOB: 4/5/2018

Dam:  Old Mountain Farm Diva's Drama

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Romeo

Farm Four Hearts Artemis

DOB: 4/28/2018

Dam:  Denbow Acres Farm Freya

Sire: *B Cats Cradle PV Zephyr

Farm Four Hearts Celeste

DOB: 1/19/2019

Dam:  Creeping Thyme Farm Aphrodite

Sire:  Cats Cradle PV Zephyr *B

This doeling is from my favorite doe, she is maturing very nicely this year and can't wait till she is ready to be bred.   Her Dam is on milk test this year (2019) and will no doubt earn her *M.  

Farm Four Hearts Capuccino

DOB: 2/9/2019

Dam:  Creeping Thyme Farm Athena

Sire:  Cats Cradle PV Zephyr *B

Another home bred doe coming from our carefully selected "starter" herd.  Capuccino already has shown promise in conformation.  Her dam Athena is a top producer in our herd who received Superior Genetics and her Milk star this year.  With lineage dating back to Old Mountain Farm DramasDelite and Old Mountain Farm Party Dress this doe is going to do wonderful things.

FeatherNScale Creme Brulee

DOB: 5/1/2019

Dam: SG 4*M Painted Pepper Lemon Meringue     LA 88 VEVV

Sire: +*B Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk LA 86 +EE

When we went buck shopping, we couldn't leave without this doeling.  Her dam received her SG designation this year and her Sire is none other than Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk.  Her dam has a buttery soft udder with outstanding milk production.

Hermoinie Unregistered Alpine/Pygmy Cross

DOB: 6/10/2018

Hermoinie was an impulse buy.  Harley, the youngest farmer saw her and instantly fell in love.  She kidded last year with twins.   She has amazing milk capacity and is easy to empty due to teat and orifice size.    She is unique to the herd,  she is the head of the pack and keeps all the others safe! She also tells us when the other does are going into heat.   She was an amazing "Oops" addition to the herd.

Coming Soon Private Goat Snuggling Sessions
Coming Soon Private Goat Snuggling Sessions

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